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Anti-corrosion coating by Van Os-Duracoat

What is Abcite® coating?

Van Os – Duracoat coatings have in-house techniques that provide your products with ultimate protection against any deterioration. When standard corrosion protection is no longer enough, … then there is Abcite®! This thermoplastic coating pushes all the boundaries of traditional corrosion prevention. A single layer of Abcite® coating is enough to exceed the most stringent corrosion standards. Thermoplastic Abcite® coating is applied to all kinds of materials for the water treatment sector, street furniture, electrical insulation, marine and offshore.

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Why choose a thermoplastic coating?

V coatings are of exceptional quality and are enormously durable. The specialised techniques of Van Os – Duracoat, go one step further and ensure that your products last longer and are resistant to corrosion. Van Os – Duracoat has a very wide range of specific coatings for different applications. They also apply Rilsan®, Halar® and Teflon® coatings, each for specific applications such as abrasion, contact with aggressive chemicals or anti-adhesive properties.

Full range of organic coatings

Thanks to their expertise in exceptional corrosion-preventive coatings, we are further expanding our range of coatings : with V coat and Van Os-Duracoat together, we now offer the whole range of organic coatings, from wet paint over powder coatings to thermoplastic and even fluorinated coatings.

Other services

Wet coating

V coat is your partner for wet painting on all kinds of materials, from ferrous & non-ferrous to plastics. We offer a solution for every application and provide the corresponding coating system. Both for small and large series. With us you are in the right place: everything is possible!

Powder coating

Powder coatings are environmentally friendly and stand for scratch-resistant results. Powder coating applies to all kinds of ferrous metals. V coat does it all with a structural focus on quality.


V coat has a wide range of options in surface treatment techniques and therefore also in printing. As a final finish, we can also print or print on your coated products or painted parts. V coat provides a total solution through various in-house printing techniques.


The quality of powder or wet-lacquer coating stands or falls with proper and thorough pre-treatment of the materials. Only then will you get an even, scratch-resistant and beautiful end result.

EMI shielding

Electronic products receive a lacquer that ensures protection against external electromagnetic interference.


V coat unburdens you as much as possible by also providing small assembly works, thus streamlining your process.