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Standard is the technique of metal powder coating. V coat is not only strong in aluminium powder coating or powder coating of steel. Stainless steel powder coating is also one of our specialities. V coat is responsible for powder coating many stainless steel and metal products of our sister company Robby Metaal Construction. So V coat is definitely not a standard paint shop and has a tailor-made powder coating technique for every material. There are two powder coating lines in our workshop, and we have a very modern powder coating installation in which we can treat pieces up to a surface area of 3950x950x1500mm.

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V coat - Powder lacquer street 1

Powder coating line with an extensive chemical pre-treatment line for various materials such as steel, zincor, sendzimir, hot-dip galvanised, laser-coated sheet, aluminium, cast aluminium, zamak and stainless steel. This line features a very modern rapid colour change cabin with 8 automatic spray guns and is suitable for both small and large series.

Maximum dimensions

V coat - Powder lacquer street 2

On this powder coating line, very large pieces (6x2x2 m) can be powder coated with a very high quality finish. This is because the coating line is equipped with an integrated blast and powder cabin and baking oven.

Maximum dimensions

Advantages of powder coating

One of the advantages is the possibility of applying a thicker coating without bleeding. The thicker the coating the better the corrosion resistance. The price of powder coating is lower than any other coating process and much less hazardous waste is produced than with conventional liquid coatings. Moreover, there is a much shorter lead time and your product is ready for use immediately. It is also very easy to clean powder-coated products.

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Other services

Wet coating

V coat is your partner for wet painting on all kinds of materials, from ferrous & non-ferrous to plastics. We offer a solution for every application and provide the corresponding coating system. Both for small and large series. With us you are in the right place: everything is possible!


V coat has a wide range of options in surface treatment techniques and therefore also in printing. As a final finish, we can also print or print on your coated products or painted parts. V coat provides a total solution through various in-house printing techniques.


The quality of powder or wet-lacquer coating stands or falls with proper and thorough pre-treatment of the materials. Only then will you get an even, scratch-resistant and beautiful end result.

EMI shielding

Electronic products receive a lacquer that ensures protection against external electromagnetic interference.


V coat unburdens you as much as possible by also providing small assembly works, thus streamlining your process.

Anti-corrosion coating

V coat also offers the solution for highly durable coatings. One of the sister companies within the group, Van Os-Duracoat, specialises in thermoplastic coatings.