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Printing techniques

Pad printing

Pad printing is a printing process in which a logo or text can be applied to a painted product using a printing plate, ink and a stamp. The great advantage is that it can be applied to both flat and slightly curved shapes. Pad printing is possible for both large and small (five to ten) series.

Digital printing

We recently bought the Mimaki UV flatbed printer and can now print logos, images or other graphics on surfaces. These prints are enormously durable as they are resistant to UV light and other weather conditions. At V coat, you have guaranteed print quality. It is possible to print on various types of materials: stainless steel, aluminium, copper, plastic, stickers, … The surfaces may have a maximum width of 3100 mm and a maximum material thickness of 50 mm. The maximum resolution is 1200 dpi.

Screen print

V coat is also a master of the screen printing technique. This technique is used to print many types of materials: including aluminium, plastic and/or polyester, …. Another advantage is the enormous colour strength: the screen printing ink is enormously opaque and hard-wearing. We often choose this technique because it is easy and fast to print large numbers. This allows us to finish your product quickly and flexibly.

Advantages of printing techniques

We like to emphasise here that every technique has its advantages and limitations. Vandereyt always thinks together with you to offer the best solution tailored to your needs.

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Other services

Wet coating

V coat is your partner for wet painting on all kinds of materials, from ferrous & non-ferrous to plastics. We offer a solution for every application and provide the corresponding coating system. Both for small and large series. With us you are in the right place: everything is possible!

Powder coating

Powder coatings are environmentally friendly and stand for scratch-resistant results. Powder coating applies to all kinds of ferrous metals. V coat does it all with a structural focus on quality.


The quality of powder or wet-lacquer coating stands or falls with proper and thorough pre-treatment of the materials. Only then will you get an even, scratch-resistant and beautiful end result.

EMI shielding

Electronic products receive a lacquer that ensures protection against external electromagnetic interference.


V coat unburdens you as much as possible by also providing small assembly works, thus streamlining your process.

Anti-corrosion coating

V coat also offers the solution for highly durable coatings. One of the sister companies within the group, Van Os-Duracoat, specialises in thermoplastic coatings.