Lakkerij Vandereyt goes for innovation!

V coat: Your partner for surface treatments

Due to our strong international growth, since the acquisition in 1993 by the Het Veer group, Lakkerij Vandereyt is in need of renewal!

Lakkerij Vandereyt was founded in 1973 and has now grown into a specialist in the surface treatment sector.

With our 50th anniversary approaching, it is time for renewal!

Lakkerij Vandereyt becomes V coat. With the baseline: Your partner for surface treatments.

Not just a new logo

And not only a new logo, but also our website has a modern look!

We hope you are as excited as we are!

One thing is certain… We are looking forward immensely to continuing to add colour to your products with our passionate team!

Andere nieuwsberichten

A look behind the scenes…

Our video shows our colleagues from powder coating line 1 in action ... They are powder coating cabinet components for our customer E-power in 🔴 RAL3000.

New acquisition by Het Veer!

Een mooie aanvulling op ons steeds uitgebreider gamma oppervlaktebehandelingen. Dankzij hun expertise in uitzonderlijke corrosiewerende coatings breiden.